Programme of Events 2010

PROGRAMME SUBJECT TO CHANGE - Meetings are held on 2nd Wednesday of the month.


Jan 13th : Check Your Transits - with Paul Newman
Bring your chart for the popular 'Transits for the Year' - and see what the planets have in store for the coming year. If you have your chart on acetate, these can be put up on the OHP or alternatively chart details given to Eileen - - 01202 697610 can be put up on the Data Projector.

Feb 10th : Medical Astrology - David Broom
David Broom is a Medical Herbalist and has been interested in Astrology for over 40 years. He considers the planetary cycles to be unique in helping to diagnose the root causes of disease and in his talk tonight he will show how they relate to the key concepts of our physiology and emotions.

March 10th: Face to Face with Uranus The Awakener - Judy Hall
Uranus enters Aries on 28th May 2010 giving us the opportunity to shift both our personal consciousness and that of humanity to a new dimension. Judy will look at how an understanding of karmic astrology and an experiential approach will help individuals to move out of a karma-based lifeplan into one based on soul evolution and service to humanity.

April 14th : Open Forum
Following on from Judy's talk last month, tonight's discussion will be focusing on our personal reaction to the changes likely to occur due to major astrological aspects over the next few years, how this will affect us and how we view the future both for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. Bring your charts along and any questions you may have about how these aspects/changes might make a difference to your lives or your concerns about the global effects.

May 12th : Where does our Astrology come from? - Chris Mitchell
People have been watching the skies for thousands of years and 'omen literature' from 3,000 years ago, suggests our ancestors were looking at planets to make predictions. In tonight's talk, Chris Mitchell will be talking about the development of the zodiac from its roots in ancient Babylon, with some surprising conclusions for the start of Aquarius!

June 9th : Soul Lessons through the Signs of the Zodiac - Janet Hill
Jan gained a diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 1973. She subsequently became a member of the White Eagle Lodge in 1978 and found inspiration and depth in White Eagle's teaching, the central theme of which is the importance of the Sun in the Birth Chart. In her talk tonight, Jan explains the necessity of the Soul's journey through all the Signs over many incarnations to gain a thorough understanding of the four Elements, focusing on the lessons of this lifetime's incarnation.

July 14th : Saturn in Libra : The Limits of Love - Derek Hawkins
Saturn travels through Libra once every 28 -30 years and will be there until Autumn 2012. Libra governs relationships and partnerships of all kinds and its symbol of the scales represents fairness, balance, harmony and the justice by which they are achieved. Its placement in our Birth Chart is an indication of the areas of life where we may be required to work in harmony with others to achieve our goals. Many of us may be completing a cycle of learning to co-operate with others which began with Saturn's last sojourn through Libra in 1983 but over the next few years, Saturn will again be asking us to take a good look in the mirror of relationships and see what is really there for us. In his talk tonight, Derek will look at some of the questions and challenges which Saturn in Libra will present for us and how its placement there will affect the world about us and each of the 12 Zodiac Signs.

August 11th : Open Forum and WAC Birthday Social
To begin with there will be a couple of short introductory talks, after which we will celebrate the 9th Birthday of WAC. Bring food/drink to share.

September 8th : The Moon - Paul Newman
The moon is very significant in any Chart and tonight Paul will look at some of its many moods and meanings, specifically considering the New Moon, Full Moon, Old Moon and the Black Moon.

October 13th : Life Changes - Pat Law
In her talk tonight, Pat will be looking at a selection of Charts to identify why some people are more likely to experience changes in their lives than others. She will be happy to answer any questions you might have on the subject and if time permits will look at individual Charts.

November 10th : Chart Shaping - Pat Hutton
In the complete interpretation of a horoscope, the factors to be considered are quite numerous.
So where to begin? A good question. If we consider the shape of the Chart first, before looking at any other details, then it gives us clues about the TYPE of personality within. In her talk tonight, Pat will take you through the general types of Chart shapes, giving some examples of each.

December 8th : Christmas Social
Bring some mince pies and other festive goodies, and a small gift for the Tub. Enjoy some fun and games, look back on the old year and prepare for the new.

Programme of
Events 2011

Meetings held on the 2nd
Wednesday of the month.

January 12th : Check your Transits with Paul Newman
Bring your chart for the popular "Transits for the Year" - and see what the planets have in store for this coming year. Give your details to Muriel who will load them into the computer for Paul to interpret using the data projector.

February 9th : Dymphna Russell - The Healing Rays of the Planet
In her talk tonight, Dymphna will be speaking on how to utilise the energies and transformative powers of these heavenly bodies. Every planet plays a role in our lives and each planet has its own healing energy. You can tap into this wonderful free energy to keep your life in balance i.e. mind, body and spirit. Each planet is a living entity alive with energy and you can harness this healing power to help you in your daily life. Dymphna will take us on a journey through the birth chart so we can discover for ourselves the healing rays of the planets.

March 9th : Derek Hawkins - Uranus in Aries
Uranus returns to Aries this month to start a journey there that will take us through to 2019. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and Humanity and Aries is the Sign that represents the initial spark of energy that begins all life, so we are therefore witness to the dawning of a New Age for Humanity. In his tonight, Derek will look at how each of the 12 Zodiac Signs will be influenced by Uranus as it seeks to raise our consciousness and give us a new take on life. We are only limited by the choices we make and are standing on the threshold of exciting and life changing possibilities.

April 13th : Chris Harwood - "Astrology "- a Magnetic Attraction
As a Marine Navigator, Chris had the daily task of observing the movement of the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets, using only a sextant, compass and nautical tables. In his talk tonight he examines the possibility that planetary influence can be shown to be physical, not directly like a ray or beam but in stages of magnetic transfer via both the Sun and Earth's magnetic fields. Chris believes that the final stage of magnetic resonance manifests when a person's chart is transferred to the earth's static field giving rise to both local space astrology and astro-ography. He demonstrates that neither of these phenomena would be possible without a physical planetary influence.

May 11th : Pat Godden - Astrology & Crystals
Pat believes that there is at least one crystal which resonates with the energy of each planet in each sign of the zodiac. Just as understanding the opportunities and challenges relating to the position of each planet in a person's chart can help a person through life, so too can working with the crystal that resonates with that energy. In her talk tonight, Pat considers placement- crystal associations from both everyday and more spiritual perspectives. She will bring along crystals for the ten planets in the twelve Signs of the Zodiac so you can hold and feel which ones resonate with placements on your chart.

June 8th : Chris Mitchell - Details TBA

July 13th : Paul Newman- -Details TBA