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12/01/12: Programme of event pages re-organised so that 2011 is in 'previous' and 2012 is now available in current.
25/01/11: Programme of events pages re-organised into Current and Previous event pages.
xx/xx/10: Programme of events updated
25/01/09: August details added to 2009 programme
17/01/09: June details added to 2009 programme
13/12/08 : 2009 events updated with info for July and September
24/10/08 : Newsletter page updated with 2008 issue; preview of 2009 events added
27/05/08 : September and November Details added to 2008 Programme
25/05/08 : July details added to 2008 Programme
29/04/08 : May details revised
12/01/08 : May details for 2008, Entrance fee is now £4.00
08/12/07 : June details added to 2008 Programme
04/12/07 : March details added to 2008 Programme
09/10/07 : Programme 2008 - some early info added
06/09/07 : Added placeholder for this years newsletter
01/09/07 : Correct astrology links page.
29/08/07 : Add next and last year's programme of event entries. Amended welcome page.
25/08/07 : New website address and changes in format for blog template usage.
Previous website addess updates:
30/03/07 : Programme 2007 - updated with details for September.
20/02/07 : Programme 2007 - updated with details for October.
16/02/07 : Programme 2007 - updated with details for June.
07/02/07 : Programme 2007 - updated with details for July.
26/01/07 : Programme 2007 - with details for May and November added.

16/12/06 : Programme page updated for 2007 events
12/09/06 : Added in this years September newsletter
26/03/06 : Programme 2006 - details for November talk added
18/03/06 : Programme 2006 - details for September talk added.
04/02/06 : Programme 2006 - details for October talk added.

27/12/05 : Programme page updated for 2006 events.
03/12/05 : Updated 2006 programme of events; updated links page.
26/11/05 : Welcome page amened to have clearer links to Newsletter and Programme of events. Corrected image paths for WAC newsletter, uploaded better quality images as well.
19/11/05 : Added link to WAC newsletter
11/11/05 : Updated 2006 event details for May.
29/10/05 : Updated 2006 event details for April. Amended contact details
22/10/05 : Added link to 2005 programme page to see planned events for 2006
04/06/05 : Talk details for July to December 2005 amended.
22/05/05 : Talk details for July to December 2005 updated.
26/03/05 : Talk details added for June, changed for July.

27/11/04 : Program of events for January to June 2005 now available. Updated links page, adding link to bristolastrology.net.
06/06/04 : Program of events for July to December 2004 now available
03/03/04 : Shamanic Journey of the Sun project link changed to point to new website.
11/02/04 : Program of events for January to June 2004 finalised.

15/12/03 : Initial version of program of events for 2004 added.
03/08/03 : Talk info for October added to Program of events.
19/07/03 : Program details for Jul to Dec added.
05/06/03 : June talk details added, astrology class information amended.
26/04/03 : Details for the talk in June changed
25/04/03 : Pat Law's talk details added to programme
15/03/03 : Rectification talk notes added to Articles and Papers page

23/10/02 : Programme for Jan to June 2003 added. Some changes made to graphics and layout of index. Details of astrology classes added.
26/05/02 : Programme for 2002 July to December finalised.
10/02/02 : Programme for 2002 updated, with more info on July.
26/01/02 : Some members home pages added to the links page.

18/12/01 : Programme for 2002 now available.
23/11/01 : Included more detail about Astrology Classes, tidy of main programme page.
05/11/01 : Changed programme for Nov 21st to Open Forum. Updated preview of 2002 programme.
28/10/01 : Changed programme for Dec 5th from Quiz Night to Open Forum on Mercury.
26/08/01 : Saturn talk notes added.
12/08/01 : Website updated ready for 'launch' day on August 15th. .
21/07/01 : New format and look for The Wessex Astrology Circle.
10/07/01 : Meetings for August added to the program.
09/07/01 : Temporary Contact Info added, plus details of July 4th's meeting and the planned meeting for July18th.
03/07/01 : News section returns, program and contact info updated.

Astrology Links

please note : all links open a new browser window

Astrological Association : for journal info, UK events etc

bristolastrology.net - the portal for astrology related events and organisations in Bristol
and the West.


The Shamanic Journey of the Sun, the results of a 12-month experiment using astrology and shamanism to honour the Sun's path and search for lost pieces of the Planet Earth's Soul by Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman


Faculty of Astrological Studies, offers three levels of Correspondence Course for students
wishing to study at home: Certificate, Intermediate and Diploma.

Mayo School of Astrology, offers three levels of Correspondence Course for students wishing to study at home: Basic, Advanced Preparatory and Advanced


Apollon, Journal of Psychological Astrology.

Circles of Light, Weekly E-zine of astrology and metaphysics.

The Mountain Astrologer Magazine, one of the best English-language astrology magazine in the world today.


Urania Trust, The Urania Trust is a registered UK educational charity, founded in 1970,
which provides a service to the British and worldwide astrological community.

Widgets World Astrology, a large selection of resources, including the facility to post arcticles which may be published on line.


Astro Shop Online, mostly reports and readings.

The Wessex Astrologer, sells astrology books and products. Distributor
of the Mountain Astrologer in the UK


Astrocalc, Astrocalc is available as a basic chart calculation program with a range of
optional building blocks, this means you can buy what you need (or can afford).

Astrolabe, home of SolarFire

Astrolog, download and documentation site. Astrolog is a powerful, customizable, and platform independent astrology chart calculation program, it is 100% freeware and requires no registration fee. Definitely a good choice.

home of WinStar, plus access to AstroTalk E-zine.

World of Wisdom, Horoscope Interpreter (with transits), plus Love Horoscopes (synastry).