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The Wessex Astrology Circle, based in the South of England (UK), is an independent non-profit making group of like-minded spiritually aware astrologers and student astrologers from many walks of life. The aim of the group is to promote the use of astrology to its best advantage, to help and support those on a spiritually focussed learning curve. New members are always welcome, and we aim to create a sufficiently varied programme to provide opportunities for learning at all levels.

All the essential info is here - programme of events, who we are and how to get to the meetings.

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Previous Programme of Events 2009

Jan 14th: Check Your Transits - with Paul Newman
Bring your chart for the popular 'transits for the year' - and see what the planets have in store for the coming year. If you would like your chart prepared beforehand on an OHP slide please contact Muriel on 01202 604021 [or on the night you can transfer your chart to a blank slide.]

Feb 11th: The Alchemical Journey - John Wadsworth
Experience the astrological wheel of the year as an Alchemical Alembic. John will introduce us to his unique application of astrological and alchemical ideas as transformational enquiry and he will be inviting us to enquire into our own lives from twelve distinct astrological perspectives. He will demonstrate how the astrological wheel unfolds naturally and organically as part of a coherent journey of personal transformation which we can appreciate through our experience of nature's own alchemical process through the four seasons of the year. John will be offering his embodied performance piece around the zodiacal wheel as part of the presentation.

Mar 11th: Happy New Year! - Chris Mitchell:
No, this talk hasn't been delayed. As astrologers, we know that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and the Spring Equinox is when the Sun moves into that sign. In England that was also when we celebrated the New Year, right up until 1752, when we changed the calendar - and it's still used as the date of the new year in Iran. For medieval astrologers, the start of the new year - and the New Moon or Full Moon preceding it - were of supreme importance, and the charts of these dates were crucial in determining how the year would go. As tonight is the Full Moon before the spring equinox, come along and help us work out what's coming up in this astrological year!

April 8th: Astro Planning : The Art of Timing – Eileen Richardson
Time is precious enough; learn to work with it, not against it, understanding the ebb and flow of the planets, signs and seasons. Eileen will provide some hints and tips as a guide to understanding how to plan and work with astrology on a day to day basis. Using electional astrology, and example charts, she will discuss a variety of topics, such as the best time to start a business, take a holiday or plan a specific event. This talk is designed to enable everyone to understand and make the best practical use of astrology on a daily basis.

May 13th: The Animated Zodiac - Phoebe Wyss
'Our lives are governed by the twelve invisible astrological archetypes that determine not only our personalities but also our type of life experience, and the specific life lessons we are learning. Through astrology we are able to recognise their manifestations in our daily life, and understand the lessons we are invited to learn.'

June 10th: Astro Roots – Pat Hutton
There are threads that go through families from generation to generation which can be seen in the birth chart. We seem to inherit charts in the same way that we inherit genes, giving an astro pattern that interweaves like a vine and links family members together. Pat will explain what to look for in a Chart and show some examples before looking at Charts from the audience. Please bring along your own Chart and those of as many generations as possible from your family.

Jul 8th: Patterns of the Past - Judy Hall
Have you ever wondered how a professional karmic astrologer approaches a chart to untangle the karmic threads and identify the credits and deficits that underpin the present life? Well, this is your opportunity to find out. During the evening, Judy will be working through one chart in depth, step-by-step.

To begin with there will be a couple of short introductory talks, after which we will celebrate the 8th Birthday of WAC.

Sep 9th: Hellenistic Astrology – Kate Czerny
This is believed to be the foundation of all Western Astrology. Kate will take us through the basic concepts of Hellenistic Astrology, which developed in Egypt and the surrounding Mediterranean area following the conquest of Alexander the Great and continued throughout the Roman period. Kate will also look at the changes in the practice of astrology from that time to the present day.

Oct 14th : The Importance of the Ascendant - Paul Newman.
The whole Chart comes out to meet the world at this point. It is symbolically where heaven meets earth and no astrology can be 100% accurate without it. At this evening's meeting, Paul will look at the Ascendant, the Chart Ruler, Rising planets. etc. to deepen our understanding of this important Angle in our Charts.

Nov 11th : Open Forum - A discussion on the possible implications of the current transiting Saturn/Pluto Square and Cardinal Cross.
It's Remembrance Day. Lest we forget what our forefathers fought for. Pluto the planet of power and destruction has been delving into the infrastructure of British politics, revealing the hidden corporate corruptions, and what led us into our economic demise. Saturn has just moved into its exalted home in Libra, forming a challenging cardinal square. Time for true democracy? What does it mean to you? Come and join us with your stories and your views about the meaning of the times were are living in.

Bring some mince pies and other festive goodies, look back on the year and prepare for the next.