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January 13th - Check your Transits with Paul Newman
Bring your chart for the popular "Transits for the Year" - and see what the planets have in store for this coming year. Give your details to Muriel who will load them into the computer for Paul to interpret using the data projector.

February 10th - No Meeting

March 9th - No Meeting

April 13th - No Meeting

May 11th - No Meeting

June 8th - No Meeting

July 13th - Luck and Lottery Winners with Paul Newman
Is there an astrological formula for winning the lottery or for luck in general? Does it all depend on the position of the ‘lucky’ planet Jupiter? We study some of the birth charts of lottery and sweepstake winners for possible clues.

August 10th - No Meeting

September 14th - No Meeting

October 12th - No Meeting

November 9th - No Meeting

December 14th - No Meeting


January 14th - Check your Transits with Paul Newman
Bring your chart for the popular "Transits for the Year" - and see what the planets have in store for this coming year. Give your details to Muriel who will load them into the computer for Paul to interpret using the data projector.

February 11th - No Meeting held

March 11th - No Meeting held

April 8th - The 12 Houses with Paul Newman
The Houses of a Horoscope depict the different areas of life in which the planets and the zodiac signs manifest themselves. Paul will discuss the meanings of each of these twelve houses and look into how they affect us personally. (Please bring your birth chart if possible)

May 13th - No Meeting held

June 10th - No Meeting held

July 8th - No Meeting held

August 12th - No Meeting held

September 9th - No Meeting held

October 28th - 29 Degrees with Paul Newman
The last degree in each zodiac sign is a summing-up energy, often seen as karmic. It contains something of the meaning of all the previous degrees of that sign. It contains the wisdom and the judgement of that sign. Paul looks at the recent movement of Saturn in the last degree of Scorpio, and the meanings of the end degrees of all the zodiac signs, plus an examination of some example charts of people who have planets at 29 degrees.


January 9th - Check your Transits with Paul Newman
Bring your chart for the popular "Transits for the Year" - and see what the planets have in store for this coming year. Give your details to Muriel who will load them into the computer for Paul to interpret using the data projector.

February 12th – NO MEETING

March 12th - NO MEETING

April 9th - Paul Newman - The Cardinal Grand Cross
Four planets move to form an exact Grand Cross or Grand Square in the skies between the 20th and 24th April. The slowest-moving of these, Uranus and Pluto, have been in a tense aspect for several years causing fierce and wild energies, necessary for change. Now Mars and Jupiter join in to magnify and dynamise the situation further. We discuss some of the likely happenings.

May 14th - NO MEETING

June 11th - Paul Newman - Uranus the Awakener
Investigating the astrological meaning of the eccentric planet Uranus. Whatever you think it will be, it won't. We look at the importance of Uranus transits, including the mid-life crisis, birth charts where Uranus plays a large part, and more.

July 9th - NO MEETING

August 13th - NO MEETING

September 10th - NO MEETING

October 8th - ‘Inside the Cosmic Mind: archetypal astrology and the new cosmology’ - Phoebe Wyss.
Astrology makes no sense when seen from the scientific-materialist perspective. However a new, alternative view of the universe is now gaining ground, supported by discoveries in sub-atomic physics, evolutionary biology and systems science, which not only can accommodate astrology but even suggests how it could work! In this power-point talk Phoebe will introduce you to the conception of an archetypal cosmos. Her book, with the same title as the talk, has just been published, and copies of it will available to purchase on the evening. For more information about this book which is truly ground-breaking see

November 12th - Astro-characters: Players on the Stage of Life - Judy Hall
As we know, the birthchart maps a moment in time and the infinite possibilities that moment encompasses. Karmically, it also shows the roles we have taken in other lives. The chart gives insight into anything that is born, not just a child. All writers, consciously or unconsciously, put a great deal of themselves into their work but the astrology of the moment of birth of a book will also be reflected in the characters that people that book. In this talk we will be looking at the Brontes and the birthchart of one of Charlotte Brontes most famous works, and also at a modern television series to see how the birthcharts of actors are reflected in the roles they play.

Programme of Events 2013
January 9th - Check your Transits with Paul Newman
Bring your chart for the popular "Transits for the Year" - and see what the planets have in store for this coming year. Give your details to Muriel who will load them into the computer for Paul to interpret using the data projector.

February 13th – ‘Times they are a-changing’ How the past influences and informs the present
As a Group, and with input from Paul Newman and others, we will look at the square aspect between Uranus and Pluto firstly from the perspective of the conjunction between them in the 60’s and what emerged at that time. We will then consider the current square and the likelihood that the new impulses arising from that conjunction will be put to the test with this aspect - a manifestation crisis. In other words, what began more than 40 ago, in whatever form, now emerges for consideration – or condemnation. Bring with you for discussion any significant events you have noticed since the square became exact, or any historical events from previous conjunctions and squares between these planets or between all the outer planets. Another point to consider is that with the aspect conjunct the UK Sun this month at 10ยบ Capricorn, what might the implications be for us/our country - positively or negatively?

March 13th - Derek Hawkins - “Uranus square Pluto - Opportunity and Challenge” - (please note £6 admission)
In this talk Derek will discuss how the Uranus – Pluto alignment will be a dominate influence in the world until 2015. This is a challenging time of huge shifts for humanity. The way we organize and run our affairs on this planet, and our very motives for doing so, are all being questioned. Our world will be a very different place the other side of what is probably the most challenging astrological influence we will experience in our lifetime. This alignment of Uranus and Pluto is playing out in each of our Birth charts, we may feel the desire for freedom and change while at the same time our existing commitments seem to become more important and at times weigh heavily upon us. In his talk Derek will be looking at the opportunities and challenges the Uranus – Pluto alignment presents for each of the 12 Sun Signs. Derek is a counsellor, healer, and teacher working through the medium of astrology. He runs experiential astrology workshops and has a practice based in Hungerford Berkshire. Visit Derek’s website for monthly horoscopes and news on planetary activity.

April 10th - Eileen Richardson - Relationships and Your Galactic Signature
Who are the significant people in your life; the people who give you your biggest tests and challenges, the people who give you their support, those unexpected folks who never fail to shock, awaken and surprise you, and who is your guide or guiding force? Your galactic signature can reveal all. We’ll have a re-run on calculating your Mayan sign and build up our soul purpose and relationship issues. Come with pen/pencil and paper to enjoy an enlightening, informative evening. There will be some handouts for guidance.

May 8th - Phoebe Wyss - 'Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable?’
Phoebe will consider these three different scripts,each with a different set of life lessons. Which type are you, and is your present phase a cardinal, fixed or mutable one? Knowing this can make all the difference to your decision-making!

June 12th - Paul Newman - Money on the Astrological Chart
Our attitude to money and our ability to make it or lose it can be traced to various factors on the birth chart. Paul stands in for our previously advertised speaker to look at this always pertinent subject and will consider particularly the Sun and Moon signs and the interesting polarity of the 2nd and 8th houses.

July 10th - Pat Hutton - Mercury: messenger of the Gods, or a Joker?
Very little seems to have been written about Mercury. Books tell you that it is the fastest moving planet, associated with quicksilver, darting to and fro (fast retrograde motion) and rushing around the Sun every 88 days. In Mythology he was the winged messenger of the Gods but after that, he is often regarded as trivial. Even so, Mercury is exciting; to be interested, you need to have Mercury quite pronounced in your chart. For this, I qualify, having Mercury rising and ruling both the Ascendant and the Midheaven. We will explore Mercury in a general way and look at it in some charts.

August: Holiday Time - no meeting.

September 11th - Steve Judd - Forecasting - (please note £6 admission)
With his more than thirty years of consultative experience in the astrological field, Steve has developed his own ways of forecasting using astrology. By looking from a 21st century perspective at the transits of the planets to one’s horoscope, and integrating these with ongoing progressions, particularly of the Sun and the Moon, along with eclipses and full and new Moons, Steve offers new insights and techniques on how to spot timings and areas of life that are about to come into focus, and suggests ways to empower the client to use these energies in the most growthful and positive ways at the most appropriate times.

October 9th - Paul Newman - The Wheel of the Year
We take a closer look at the meaning and timing of the eight annual Sun festivals (Beltane, Lammas, Halloween etc) from an astrological point of view.

November 13th - Open Forum
William and Kate's baby is 3rd in line to the throne - if at some future date, we still continue to support the idea of having a Monarch in the UK. We will take a look at the Birth Chart to see what significance the aspects might show and how the Chart connects to the UK Chart as well as other Birth Charts in the Royal Family


December 11th - Christmas Party ~ Free Admission ~
Bring some mince pies and other festive goodies and a small gift for the Lucky Dip. Enjoy some fun and games and look back on the old year and prepare for the new.

Programme of Events 2012

Please note admission is now £5 from Jan 2012

January 11th - Check your Transits with Paul Newman
Bring your chart for the popular "Transits for the Year" - and see what the planets have in store for this coming year. Give your details to Muriel who will load them into the computer for Paul to interpret using the data projector.

February 8th - Judy Hall - "Growing your Soul Through Relationships"
The Chart maps out the relationship challenges and gifts that come from many lifetimes, together with the soul plan for the present life. Tonight, Judy is going to examine some of the pointers to enable us to understand our soul's strategy more fully.

March 14th - Derek Hawkins - "2012 Opportunity and Challenge"
Leading astrologer Derek Hawkins gives us his unique and intuitive take on 2012. Predicted by many to be a time of huge changes which include: a shift in the magnetic poles, solar storms, passing comets, sudden shifts in our awareness and even the end of the world!
In his talk Derek will discuss how the major planets of our solar system are influencing our world at this time, particularly the rare alignment known as the ‘finger of fate’ which will occur on 21st /22nd December 2012, and how it will affect each of the 12 zodiac signs. Derek’s talks are informative and he brings astrology alive in his own unique way.

April 11th - Open Forum on the Uranus/Pluto Square
Following on from Derek’s talk last month, we will be looking at the Uranus/Pluto square from 1932-34 when Pluto was in Cancer and 1965/67 when it was in Virgo to see what differences we can expect with the current position of Pluto in Capricorn. We will also look at the Charts of family members, friends or even celebrities, who have this square in their Charts to see if we can determine the effect it had on them. So please bring along any Charts you have so these can be put into the data projector for general discussion.

May 9th - Phoebe Wyss - Family Patterns
We find amazing synchronicity in the astrological patterns that occur between family members of different generations. Focusing on the conjunctions and oppositions in family groups, we will explore what these indicate about family karma. Phoebe is conducting a survey on this subject and invites you to take part and submit information about your family's birth data.

June 13th - Cate Reidy - The Twelfth House: Behind the Scenes
For centuries this astrological house has been buried beneath a rather fatalistic and tragic reputation. Dubiously entitled the house of personal undoing and hidden enemies, the sight of planets positioned here has often struck fear into the heart. One prevailing view, that within the Twelfth House lies dormant submerged psychic remnants, which sooner or later bring about one's downfall or even more calamitous events that bring about a period of incarceration. This talk will approach the complexities of this house quite differently; from the inside rather than at an objective distance from the outside, to discover how during the 21st Century we might update astrological knowledge of the special purpose of this mysterious house.

July 11th - Eileen Richardson - Introduction to the Mayan Calendar: Our Galactic
In 1987 Jose Arguelles introduced us to the Mayan Calendar, a true visionary spirit of his time, who unfortunately passed away in March 2011 at the time of a Red Spectral Moon. We will look at how Western Astrology can correlate with the Mayan Calendar at this tremendously important time in world history, and take a look at the charts of Jose, a Blue Monkey, and then look at other personalities such as what makes Richard Branson a Red Dragon or Susan Boyle a Yellow Star. This talk is by way of a brief introduction to the benefits of studying the knowledge the Mayans left us, and to show us how we can access our own Galactic

August: Holiday Time - no meeting.

Steve Judd (MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology) has studied astrology for thirty five years and is the only full time practicing astrologer in the UK. In that time he has complied tens of thousands of different horoscopes, and has a broad data base spanning generations, cultures and classes. Steve is also a long term environmentalist who is committed, both personally and professionally, to fostering and nurturing both an environmentalist and holistic perspective out into the world.
In that context, he is uniquely placed to talk on a blend of astrological significators and symbols which relate to certain bodily functions, patterns and timings of well/unwell being. By blending the original stimulation of Dee, Lilly and Culpepper and their ilk with a twenty first century approach to holistic astrology, Steve has developed his own ideas of how to spot certain dysfunctions and suggests ways and/or timings for rectifying them before they become permanent. This is not a standard lecture on astrology, it is aimed at the student and practitioner of holistic therapy and goes beyond provable application into statistical conjecture and hypothesis, blending the psychological, emotional, mental and physical with the subtle external planetary influences in such a way as to give one an ‘edge’ in empowering oneself and catalysing others.
As Culpepper might have said (but didn’t)… Be there or be a cubic, angular, pointed thing.

October 10th - Paul Newman - 'ABC of Chart Interpretation'
Paul will present a practical guide to the essential steps in tackling a horoscope

November 14th - Judy Hall: Rider Haggard’s interest in Reincarnation and his ability to ‘talk his chart’
H.Rider Haggard was a Victorian novelist with an abiding interest in reincarnation - the subject of several of his novels and far memories featured in his autobiography. He was deeply involved in the occult scene at the time and has written about his psychic experiences. He was a man whose life 'spoke his chart' and we will be examining the chart illustrated by examples from his life and work.

December 12th - Christmas Party ~ Free Admission ~
Bring some mince pies and other festive goodies and a small gift for the Lucky Dip. Enjoy some fun and games and look back on the old year and prepare for the new.

Programme of Events 2011
January 12th - Check your Transits with Paul Newman
Bring your chart for the popular "Transits for the Year" - and see what the planets have in store for this coming year. Give your details to Muriel who will load them into the computer for Paul to interpret using the data projector.

February 9th : Dymphna Russell - The Healing Rays of the Planet
In her talk tonight, Dymphna will be speaking on how to utilise the energies and transformative powers of these heavenly bodies. Every planet plays a role in our lives and each planet has its own healing energy. You can tap into this wonderful free energy to keep your life in balance i.e. mind, body and spirit. Each planet is a living entity alive with energy and you can harness this healing power to help you in your daily life. Dymphna will take us on a journey through the birth chart so we can discover for ourselves the healing rays of the planets.

March 9th : Derek Hawkins - Uranus in Aries
Uranus returns to Aries this month to start a journey there that will take us through to 2019. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and Humanity and Aries is the Sign that represents the initial spark of energy that begins all life, so we are therefore witness to the dawning of a New Age for Humanity. In his tonight, Derek will look at how each of the 12 Zodiac Signs will be influenced by Uranus as it seeks to raise our consciousness and give us a new take on life. We are only limited by the choices we make and are standing on the threshold of exciting and life changing possibilities.

April 13th : Chris Harwood - "Astrology "- a Magnetic Attraction
As a Marine Navigator, Chris had the daily task of observing the movement of the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets, using only a sextant, compass and nautical tables. In his talk tonight he examines the possibility that planetary influence can be shown to be physical, not directly like a ray or beam but in stages of magnetic transfer via both the Sun and Earth's magnetic fields. Chris believes that the final stage of magnetic resonance manifests when a person's chart is transferred to the earth's static field giving rise to both local space astrology and astro-ography. He demonstrates that neither of these phenomena would be possible without a physical planetary influence.

The repercussions of the present Uranus - Pluto square in our personal lives. These two planetary giants of havoc and upheaval are combining in a transiting strong and long square aspect. Its effects are already showing in the revolutionary struggles of Libya, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. But where will the titans exert pressure and enforce radical change in our personal lives?

June 8th : Chris Mitchell - Grand Conjunctions, the Black Death and Medieval Astrology
Chris will looking at what techniques medieval astrologers used to make their predictions, citing the work of Gersonides, a learned rabbi and brilliant mathematician, who was commissioned by the Vatican to look at the significance of the Grand Conjunction of 1345. Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn were also considered important by medieval astrologers since they only change element every 240 years and therefore these cycles can set the stage for thousand year periods. The manuscripts written by Gersonides show not only how he came to his conclusions but also give insight into the house system used and Chris will try out these techniques tonight too see what plagues may be afflicting us today.

July 13th : Pat Hutton - Second Part of Chart Analysis
Following the talk last year on chart shapes as a beginning to interpretation, the next stage is to look at the Phase of the Moon under which we are born and the balance of the elements and modes. The Moon, whether full or at it's quarter, or whichever part of it's cycle, has something to tell us. Combing this with a cardinal, earthy chart, or a fixed air type, will give further 'clues' about the 'type' of person we are analysing.

August 10th : Paul Newman - Degree Symbols
Paul takes an overview of the many sets of pictorial zodiac degree symbols from Ancient Egypt to the present day from different collections,including a look at your own special Sun picture.

September 14th : Eileen Richardson - Chiron - The Wounded Healer Returns
By exploring the mythology of Chiron, we will look at the charts of modern day Chironian heroes, such as Simon Weston. Chiron, the maverick healer/teacher works in the lives of many alternative therapists/spiritual teachers, transforming them through Chironian themes. Bring your charts and your Chironian stories and we will re-examine what Chiron means to all.

October 12th : Anthony Thorley - "Finding Astrology in the Living Landscape"
Landscape Zodiacs provide a unique opportunity to explore astrological principles in a living landscape. In his talk Anthony will share his experiences of ritual journey and pilgrimage in zodiacal landscapes, and the way in which embodying astrology in the land gives rise to a rich tissue of synchronicities and unexpected events which facilitates personal transformation and deeply challenges ideas of simple temporal causality. Anthony Thorley is a retired psychiatrist who has been researching landscape energies traditions and history for over thirty years. He is slowly writing a book about Masonic influences in eighteenth-century Bath entitled 'Sacred City, Secret City' and is currently developing a PhD on Landscape Zodiacs at University of Wales, Trinity St David, where he teaches sacred geography. With his wife Celia Gunn he runs pilgrimages which explore earth-sky correspondence and together with astrologer, John Wadsworth, co-facilitates the workshop programme: 'The Alchemical Journey'. See and

November 9th : Crystal Addy - Ritual & Divination in the Ancient World
Astrology in the ancient world was always seen as a form of divination involving communication with divine beings and entities. Tonight, Crystal will explore various forms of ancient divination - astrology, oracles and dream incubation - and the rituals and practices associated with them as well as considering the role of omens, symbols and signs in the divinatory rituals. She will explore ancient phenomena, including the astrological practice of kartarche, and consider the possible implications of these ancient ritual practices for modern astrological practice. Crystal will also be looking at Charts that raise some of the ideas she presents.

December 14th : Christmas Party
Bring some mince pies and other festive goodies, and a small gift for the Tub. Enjoy some fun and games, look back on the old year and prepare for the new.
Programme of Events 2010

Jan 13th : Check Your Transits - with Paul NewmanBring your chart for the popular 'Transits for the Year' - and see what the planets have in store for the coming year. If you have your chart on acetate, these can be put up on the OHP or alternatively chart details given to Eileen - - 01202 697610 can be put up on the Data Projector.

Feb 10th : Medical Astrology - David Broom
David Broom is a Medical Herbalist and has been interested in Astrology for over 40 years. He considers the planetary cycles to be unique in helping to diagnose the root causes of disease and in his talk tonight he will show how they relate to the key concepts of our physiology and emotions.

March 10th: Face to Face with Uranus The Awakener - Judy Hall
Uranus enters Aries on 28th May 2010 giving us the opportunity to shift both our personal consciousness and that of humanity to a new dimension. Judy will look at how an understanding of karmic astrology and an experiential approach will help individuals to move out of a karma-based lifeplan into one based on soul evolution and service to humanity.

April 14th : Open Forum
Following on from Judy's talk last month, tonight's discussion will be focusing on our personal reaction to the changes likely to occur due to major astrological aspects over the next few years, how this will affect us and how we view the future both for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. Bring your charts along and any questions you may have about how these aspects/changes might make a difference to your lives or your concerns about the global effects.

May 12th : Where does our Astrology come from? - Chris Mitchell
People have been watching the skies for thousands of years and 'omen literature' from 3,000 years ago, suggests our ancestors were looking at planets to make predictions. In tonight's talk, Chris Mitchell will be talking about the development of the zodiac from its roots in ancient Babylon, with some surprising conclusions for the start of Aquarius!

June 9th : Soul Lessons through the Signs of the Zodiac - Janet Hill
Jan gained a diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 1973. She subsequently became a member of the White Eagle Lodge in 1978 and found inspiration and depth in White Eagle's teaching, the central theme of which is the importance of the Sun in the Birth Chart. In her talk tonight, Jan explains the necessity of the Soul's journey through all the Signs over many incarnations to gain a thorough understanding of the four Elements, focusing on the lessons of this lifetime's incarnation.

July 14th : Saturn in Libra : The Limits of Love - Derek Hawkins
Saturn travels through Libra once every 28 -30 years and will be there until Autumn 2012. Libra governs relationships and partnerships of all kinds and its symbol of the scales represents fairness, balance, harmony and the justice by which they are achieved. Its placement in our Birth Chart is an indication of the areas of life where we may be required to work in harmony with others to achieve our goals. Many of us may be completing a cycle of learning to co-operate with others which began with Saturn's last sojourn through Libra in 1983 but over the next few years, Saturn will again be asking us to take a good look in the mirror of relationships and see what is really there for us. In his talk tonight, Derek will look at some of the questions and challenges which Saturn in Libra will present for us and how its placement there will affect the world about us and each of the 12 Zodiac Signs.

August 11th : Open Forum and WAC Birthday Social
To begin with there will be a couple of short introductory talks, after which we will celebrate the 9th Birthday of WAC. Bring food/drink to share.

September 8th : The Moon - Paul Newman
The moon is very significant in any Chart and tonight Paul will look at some of its many moods and meanings, specifically considering the New Moon, Full Moon, Old Moon and the Black Moon.

October 13th : Life Changes - Pat Law
In her talk tonight, Pat will be looking at a selection of Charts to identify why some people are more likely to experience changes in their lives than others. She will be happy to answer any questions you might have on the subject and if time permits will look at individual Charts.

November 10th : Chart Shaping - Pat Hutton
In the complete interpretation of a horoscope, the factors to be considered are quite numerous.
So where to begin? A good question. If we consider the shape of the Chart first, before looking at any other details, then it gives us clues about the TYPE of personality within. In her talk tonight, Pat will take you through the general types of Chart shapes, giving some examples of each.

December 8th : Christmas Social
Bring some mince pies and other festive goodies, and a small gift for the Tub. Enjoy some fun and games, look back on the old year and prepare for the new.

Programme of Events 2009

Jan 14th: Check Your Transits - with Paul Newman
Bring your chart for the popular 'transits for the year' - and see what the planets have in store for the coming year. If you would like your chart prepared beforehand on an OHP slide please contact Muriel on 01202 604021 [or on the night you can transfer your chart to a blank slide.]

Feb 11th: The Alchemical Journey - John Wadsworth
Experience the astrological wheel of the year as an Alchemical Alembic. John will introduce us to his unique application of astrological and alchemical ideas as transformational enquiry and he will be inviting us to enquire into our own lives from twelve distinct astrological perspectives. He will demonstrate how the astrological wheel unfolds naturally and organically as part of a coherent journey of personal transformation which we can appreciate through our experience of nature's own alchemical process through the four seasons of the year. John will be offering his embodied performance piece around the zodiacal wheel as part of the presentation.

Mar 11th: Happy New Year! - Chris Mitchell:
No, this talk hasn't been delayed. As astrologers, we know that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and the Spring Equinox is when the Sun moves into that sign. In England that was also when we celebrated the New Year, right up until 1752, when we changed the calendar - and it's still used as the date of the new year in Iran. For medieval astrologers, the start of the new year - and the New Moon or Full Moon preceding it - were of supreme importance, and the charts of these dates were crucial in determining how the year would go. As tonight is the Full Moon before the spring equinox, come along and help us work out what's coming up in this astrological year!

April 8th: Astro Planning : The Art of Timing – Eileen Richardson
Time is precious enough; learn to work with it, not against it, understanding the ebb and flow of the planets, signs and seasons. Eileen will provide some hints and tips as a guide to understanding how to plan and work with astrology on a day to day basis. Using electional astrology, and example charts, she will discuss a variety of topics, such as the best time to start a business, take a holiday or plan a specific event. This talk is designed to enable everyone to understand and make the best practical use of astrology on a daily basis.

May 13th: The Animated Zodiac - Phoebe Wyss
'Our lives are governed by the twelve invisible astrological archetypes that determine not only our personalities but also our type of life experience, and the specific life lessons we are learning. Through astrology we are able to recognise their manifestations in our daily life, and understand the lessons we are invited to learn.'

June 10th: Astro Roots – Pat Hutton
There are threads that go through families from generation to generation which can be seen in the birth chart. We seem to inherit charts in the same way that we inherit genes, giving an astro pattern that interweaves like a vine and links family members together. Pat will explain what to look for in a Chart and show some examples before looking at Charts from the audience. Please bring along your own Chart and those of as many generations as possible from your family.

Jul 8th: Patterns of the Past - Judy Hall
Have you ever wondered how a professional karmic astrologer approaches a chart to untangle the karmic threads and identify the credits and deficits that underpin the present life? Well, this is your opportunity to find out. During the evening, Judy will be working through one chart in depth, step-by-step.

To begin with there will be a couple of short introductory talks, after which we will celebrate the 8th Birthday of WAC.

Sep 9th: Hellenistic Astrology – Kate Czerny
This is believed to be the foundation of all Western Astrology. Kate will take us through the basic concepts of Hellenistic Astrology, which developed in Egypt and the surrounding Mediterranean area following the conquest of Alexander the Great and continued throughout the Roman period. Kate will also look at the changes in the practice of astrology from that time to the present day.

Oct 14th : The Importance of the Ascendant - Paul Newman.
The whole Chart comes out to meet the world at this point. It is symbolically where heaven meets earth and no astrology can be 100% accurate without it. At this evening's meeting, Paul will look at the Ascendant, the Chart Ruler, Rising planets. etc. to deepen our understanding of this important Angle in our Charts.

Nov 11th : Open Forum - A discussion on the possible implications of the current transiting Saturn/Pluto Square and Cardinal Cross.
It's Remembrance Day. Lest we forget what our forefathers fought for. Pluto the planet of power and destruction has been delving into the infrastructure of British politics, revealing the hidden corporate corruptions, and what led us into our economic demise. Saturn has just moved into its exalted home in Libra, forming a challenging cardinal square. Time for true democracy? What does it mean to you? Come and join us with your stories and your views about the meaning of the times were are living in.

Bring some mince pies and other festive goodies, look back on the year and prepare for the next.

Programme of Events 2008
Jan 9th: Check Your Transits - with Paul Newman
Bring your chart for the popular 'transits for the year' - and see what the planets have in store for the coming year. If you would like your chart prepared beforehand on an OHP slide please contact Muriel on 01202 604021 [or on the night you can transfer your chart to a blank slide.]

Feb 13th: Geomancy, the Mediaeval Art of Fortune Telling - Chris Mitchell:
The ancient art of geomancy, which means "fortune telling from the Earth", and has been practiced across the world for thousands of years from China (where it developed into the I Ching) to Africa and Arabic countries. By about a thousand years ago, it was well established by the Arabs, who combined it with astrology and introduced it to medieval Europe to form a system of divination that was flexible enough to be used for simple fairground fortune-telling, or to run the complex affairs of kings.In tonight's talk, Chris Mitchell from the Astrological Association will be talking about how it works, and doing free fortune telling after the talk !

Mar 12th: Saturn and soul growth: the karmic potential in your chart - Judy HallEsoteric astrology looked on Saturn as the ‘ring-pass-not’ beyond which only the initiated could progress and the ancients looked on Saturn as the soul. This practical workshop will explore Saturn in the birthchart as an indicator of the karmic deficits and challenges and the perennial wisdom carried by your soul. [Bring your chart on an OHP slide or on the night you can transfer your chart to a blank slide.]

Apr 9th: Hercules'Labours: the Evolutionary Path round the Zodiac - An interactive talk by Phoebe Wyss
"Which of the twelve Hercules myths is relevant to you? And what can your myth reveal about your past-life karma and your present-life challenges? We are all tested in different ways and at different times. The Hercules myths give us help in performing our labours, and astrology reveals when, how and where the hard challenges will appear." Phoebe has been a professional astrologer for donkey’s years. She runs the Brighton and Hove astrology circle, and is the author of an astrology game and a newly published book with the same title as her talk.

May 14th: Open Forum at WACAn open evening for all levels whether complete beginners or professional. Come along and bring your charts of either personal or topical events. Bring your thoughts and ideas, bring your questions, bring your friends, but most importantly, bring yourselves.

Jun 11th: Re-evaluating Harmonic Charts - Garry Phillipson
For a while in the 80's, harmonics were slated to be the Next Big Thing in astrology. This never quite happened, and instead they have almost been forgotten in many quarters. In this talk, Garry will ask 'what went wrong' for the harmonic revolution. With that as background, he will suggest that we can in fact get a lot of useful information from charts if we look at certain harmonics, or 'minor aspects' - specifically those based on dividing the circle by 5, 7 and 9. These are, after all, key factors in Indian astrology. The talk will focus largely on the question of how we can bring these into a western horoscopic practice, without being overwhelmed by information. This will mainly be a practical, looking-at-natal-charts type of talk.

Jul 9th: TARIPAY PACHA - Lorraine Exley
The EARTHKEEPERS, medicine men and medicine women, remind us that we inform the Mysteries as much as they inform us and that we have a responsibility to become active, conscious participants in this. It is the time of The Gathering. All the traditions have spoken, the Hindus, the Mayas, the Hopi, the Andean Lamas. This is the Time we have been waiting for and it is important to learn the way of the EARTHKEEPERS, to perceive at a much higher level the energy and vibration that make up the physical universe including the planets. As astrologers we are now called upon to open ourselves to new ways of participating in this planetary energy. Lorraine is an Andean Mesa Carrier who will share with you ways to connect to this energy through your astrological work, manifesting new levels of awareness on earth. The time is Now. [please bring a pencil and paper].

To begin with there will be a couple of short introductory talks, after which we will celebrate the 7th birthday of WAC.

Sep 10th: PLUTO IN CAPRICORN – Pat Hutton
Pat will look at the implications both globally and personally of Pluto’s transit into the Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn, where it will remain until the end of November 2024. Over the last 13 years, we have become used to the extravagance of Pluto’s journey through Sagittarius, and it is no coincidence that when it joined Jupiter in Capricorn earlier this year, the credit squeeze began to bite. Pat will talk us through this and other probabilities under this influence and throw open the subject for further debate.

Oct 8th: FAMOUS ASTROLOGERS - Paul Newman
Paul looks at the charts and gives a short history on the life and work ofsome modern pioneering astrologers including Alan Leo and Charles Carter.

Karmic astrology believes that there is a purpose to incarnation, a Soul intention to grow and evolve. But can we ascertain our true purpose from the Chart and are there other factors that can intervene? To bring greater clarity to our Soul’s journey, Judy will consider it from a higher vibrational level as well as from the placement of the Moon/Saturn/Neptune and the North and South Nodes, to help us understand the challenges, expectations and ingrained patterns shown in the Chart and the karmic lessons to be learned.

Bring some mince pies and other festive goodies, look back on the year and prepare for the next.

Programme of Events 2007
Jan 10th: CHECK YOUR TRANSITS - with Paul Newman
Bring your chart for the popular 'transits for the year' - and see what the planets have in store for the coming year. If you would like your chart prepared beforehand on an OHP slide please contact Muriel on 01202 604021 [or on the night you can transfer your chart to a blank slide.]

Feb 14th: SOULMATE OR TWINFLAME ? – Judy Hall
Everyone thinks that life will be wonderful when they meet their soulmate, but so many find that it’s not what they thought it would be, or they find their soulmate only to lose them or discover that they don’t want to know. Soulmates help us learn some difficult lessons but Twinflames, on the other hand, are here to unconditionally love and support us. Knowing the difference can be tricky, especially astrologically speaking, so Judy will look at some of the indications and possibilities around these themes.

Mar 14th: YES, BUT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?- Garry Phillipson
The essence of astrology is meaning. We study charts because they mean things; they signify trends, proclivities and events in people’s lives. But where does this meaning reside? Does it exist outside us – a ‘script of the gods’ that we just need to decipher? Do we somehow create it within our own minds? Or is the answer neither of the above? Drawing on astrological, psychological and religious thought, Garry will draw different models of astrology out for discussion.

Apr 11th: A MEDIAEVAL TOY BOX - Chris Mitchell
Modern astrology is awash with techniques - we have ten planets, thousands of asteroids, midpoint trees, sesquiquadrates, quintiles and semi-septiles to play with, and a whole new psychological language to explain concepts to our clients. How on earth did mediaeval astrologers work using just seven planets and five aspects? In this talk Chris Mitchell from the Astrological Association of Great Britain will be showing you how you can use mediaeval techniques such as peregrination, reception, dignity, Arabic Parts, lunations and almutens in your own charts. Come along and find out why syzygy is more than just a high-scoring Scrabble word, and where your Part of Bondage is!

May 9th: HIDDEN ZODIAC - Penelope Baird
Penelope will give us an insight into her book which details her own discovery that a number of famous, influential and much studied narratives all follow a 12 part structure which matches the formula of astrology’s 12 Houses. This can almost be considered to be ‘the European civilisation’s best kept secret’ because these narratives are all famous and much researched.

Jun 13th: EMBODIED ASTROLOGY - John Wadsworth
Embodied astrology offers us the opportunity to experience astrology first hand through our own embodied engagement with its symbolism. In this presentation, John Wadsworth will both discuss and inter-actively demonstrate the educative and healing potential of this form of experiential astrology. John has been working as a professional astrologer for the past fourteen years and has helped to pioneer creative ways of thinking about and working with the ancient language of astrology, both academically and experientially. He holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology from Bath Spa University and his thesis included the first ever academic treatment of the practice of astrodrama.

Jul 11th: DELINEATION, Unfolding the Story within the chart - Darrelyn Gunzburg
Delineation is one of those techniques we all have to do as astrologers, yet when confronted with a whole chart, where do you start? Do you “paint by numbers”? Or is there a more effective way of moving through a chart to give clarity? This lecture focuses on how you can look for and define the themes and issues within a horoscope, how you can assess the many shades of grey and, most importantly, how you can help a person to understand the best use of the multiple diversity contained within their chart.

To begin with there will be a couple of short introductory talks, after which we will celebrate the 6th birthday of WAC.

Patricia Law uses astrology in her hypnotherapy practice as it helps her clients to discuss their problems more objectively. It also highlights deep seated patterns of behaviour that need to change. Come and share in some examples of how astrology can provide the key to unlocking psychological problems.

Oct 10th: QUIZ SHOWS & TALK SHOWS- Paul Newman
Paul looks at the astrological history of the television quiz show and game show from 'Truth and Consequences' and 'The Weakest Link' with many other key charts from the genre.

Peter, an author of 5 books about our spiritual heritage, dowsing and sacred sites; gives one of his inspiring illustrated presentations based on his new book, 13 Moons - Conversations with the Goddess, a novel in which a man is contacted by the Earth Spirit, at 13 sacred sites across Europe on 13 full moons, to receive vital lessons for Mankind - before it's too late! The true meanings of sacred geometry, sacred sites, Mary Magdalene, the Grail, ley lines and more will be covered, and how we can connect with the Land to ensure our survival. Much has been channelled as well as based on Peter's own experiences. The 13 Insights offer ways to live for a better world.
Bring some mince pies and other festive goodies, look back on the year and prepare for the next.

Programme of Events 2006
Jan 11th: CHECK YOUR TRANSITS - with Paul Newman
Bring your chart for the popular 'transits for the year' - and see what the planets have in store for the coming year. If you would like your chart prepared beforehand on an OHP slide please contact Muriel on 01202 604021 [or on the night you can transfer your chart to a blank slide.]

Feb 8th: DISCOVER ATLANTIS - Diana Cooper
7pm for 7.30pm start. To be held in Poole at the Christian Spiritualist Church Cost: £5.00For further information and tickets please contact: Muriel - 01202 604021

A look at Places of significance in peoples lives; a look at Astrocartography with regard to life events both Karmic and Mundane. Why do things happen to us in certain places? Where do we meet people who influence our lives? Why do some places give us positive or negative vibes?

Sue will cover a range of topics including: Plant growth and planetary cycles; how plant characteristics such as colour, or habit determine planetary rulership; Astrological garden designs (e.g. herb gardens); Moon phase gardening.

Jennie will talk about this fascinating explorer from the Edwardian era. She talking about this very Aquarian man who was way ahead of his time in his approach to life. We will look at his chart and have a look at the signatures responsible for his unique qualities. The talk will be suitable for all, even those with no astrological knowledge.

Gone With the Wind, written by Margaret Mitchell, and was an instant bestseller when it was released in 1936. The movie broke all box office records and created unforgettable characters such as Scarlett O’Hara, Rhett Butler and Melanie Wilkes (immortalised respectively by Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable and Olivia DeHavilland).. Alex Trenoweth investigates the astrological reasons for the movies enduring appeal.

Jul 12th: HARMONICS – Chris Mitchell
Your birth chart is like a tune - we normally concentrate on the main theme but harmonics provide a way of hearing the rich undercurrents running alongside the main theme tune as well. Each "harmonic" provides a whole set of resonant points in your chart that enable you to take a magnifying glass to your chart and look at the finer detail. Don't just hum the tune - listen to the symphony orchestra playing in your chart!

To begin with there will be a couple of short introductory talks, after which we will celebrate the 5th birthday of WAC.

Paul will be looking in some detail at the individual and composite charts of the Beatles, plus the charts of some special moments in their unique career (Lennon and McCartney's first meeting, Brian Epstein at the Cavern, Beatles meet Elvis etc.)

Oct 11th: THE CRYSTAL ZODIAC - Judy Hall
Many people are aware of the fact that there is a birthstone associated with each sign of the zodiac but many are surprised to learn that there are, in fact several, and that the history of these associations goes way back into antiquity. Judy Hall will share some of the research into the history of birthstones that she has undertaken as part of her M.A. in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at Bath Spa University. Research which, so far, has encompassed ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, India, Arabia, medieval astrology, alchemy, number, sacred geometry and much much more!

The art of astrology is based on the synchronicity between the macrocosm and the microcosm. This talk explores this mysterious law which ensures there are no coincidences in life. You will be invited to test it by playing an astrology board game Phoebe has created. Will the throw of the dice, that leads you to a certain house and planet, correspond to your issues? Come and see.

Bring some mince pies and other festive goodies, look back on the year and prepare for the next.

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