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Astrological Association : for journal info, UK events etc - the portal for astrology related events and organisations in Bristol
and the West.


The Shamanic Journey of the Sun, the results of a 12-month experiment using astrology and shamanism to honour the Sun's path and search for lost pieces of the Planet Earth's Soul by Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman


Faculty of Astrological Studies, offers three levels of Correspondence Course for students
wishing to study at home: Certificate, Intermediate and Diploma.

Mayo School of Astrology, offers three levels of Correspondence Course for students wishing to study at home: Basic, Advanced Preparatory and Advanced


Apollon, Journal of Psychological Astrology.

Circles of Light, Weekly E-zine of astrology and metaphysics.

The Mountain Astrologer Magazine, one of the best English-language astrology magazine in the world today.


Urania Trust, The Urania Trust is a registered UK educational charity, founded in 1970,
which provides a service to the British and worldwide astrological community.

Widgets World Astrology, a large selection of resources, including the facility to post arcticles which may be published on line.


Astro Shop Online, mostly reports and readings.

The Wessex Astrologer, sells astrology books and products. Distributor
of the Mountain Astrologer in the UK


Astrocalc, Astrocalc is available as a basic chart calculation program with a range of
optional building blocks, this means you can buy what you need (or can afford).

Astrolabe, home of SolarFire

Astrolog, download and documentation site. Astrolog is a powerful, customizable, and platform independent astrology chart calculation program, it is 100% freeware and requires no registration fee. Definitely a good choice.

home of WinStar, plus access to AstroTalk E-zine.

World of Wisdom, Horoscope Interpreter (with transits), plus Love Horoscopes (synastry).