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PROGRAMME SUBJECT TO CHANGE - Meetings are held on 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Jan 10th: CHECK YOUR TRANSITS - with Paul Newman
Bring your chart for the popular 'transits for the year' - and see what the planets have in store for the coming year. If you would like your chart prepared beforehand on an OHP slide please contact Muriel on 01202 604021 [or on the night you can transfer your chart to a blank slide.]

Feb 14th: SOULMATE OR TWINFLAME ? – Judy Hall
Everyone thinks that life will be wonderful when they meet their soulmate, but so many find that it’s not what they thought it would be, or they find their soulmate only to lose them or discover that they don’t want to know. Soulmates help us learn some difficult lessons but Twinflames, on the other hand, are here to unconditionally love and support us. Knowing the difference can be tricky, especially astrologically speaking, so Judy will look at some of the indications and possibilities around these themes.

Mar 14th: YES, BUT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?- Garry Phillipson
The essence of astrology is meaning. We study charts because they mean things; they signify trends, proclivities and events in people’s lives. But where does this meaning reside? Does it exist outside us – a ‘script of the gods’ that we just need to decipher? Do we somehow create it within our own minds? Or is the answer neither of the above? Drawing on astrological, psychological and religious thought, Garry will draw different models of astrology out for discussion.

Apr 11th: A MEDIAEVAL TOY BOX - Chris Mitchell
Modern astrology is awash with techniques - we have ten planets, thousands of asteroids, midpoint trees, sesquiquadrates, quintiles and semi-septiles to play with, and a whole new psychological language to explain concepts to our clients. How on earth did mediaeval astrologers work using just seven planets and five aspects? In this talk Chris Mitchell from the Astrological Association of Great Britain will be showing you how you can use mediaeval techniques such as peregrination, reception, dignity, Arabic Parts, lunations and almutens in your own charts. Come along and find out why syzygy is more than just a high-scoring Scrabble word, and where your Part of Bondage is!

May 9th: HIDDEN ZODIAC - Penelope Baird
Penelope will give us an insight into her book which details her own discovery that a number of famous, influential and much studied narratives all follow a 12 part structure which matches the formula of astrology’s 12 Houses. This can almost be considered to be ‘the European civilisation’s best kept secret’ because these narratives are all famous and much researched.

Jun 13th: EMBODIED ASTROLOGY - John Wadsworth
Embodied astrology offers us the opportunity to experience astrology first hand through our own embodied engagement with its symbolism. In this presentation, John Wadsworth will both discuss and inter-actively demonstrate the educative and healing potential of this form of experiential astrology. John has been working as a professional astrologer for the past fourteen years and has helped to pioneer creative ways of thinking about and working with the ancient language of astrology, both academically and experientially. He holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology from Bath Spa University and his thesis included the first ever academic treatment of the practice of astrodrama.

Jul 11th: DELINEATION, Unfolding the Story within the chart - Darrelyn Gunzburg
Delineation is one of those techniques we all have to do as astrologers, yet when confronted with a whole chart, where do you start? Do you “paint by numbers”? Or is there a more effective way of moving through a chart to give clarity? This lecture focuses on how you can look for and define the themes and issues within a horoscope, how you can assess the many shades of grey and, most importantly, how you can help a person to understand the best use of the multiple diversity contained within their chart.

To begin with there will be a couple of short introductory talks, after which we will celebrate the 6th birthday of WAC.

Patricia Law uses astrology in her hypnotherapy practice as it helps her clients to discuss their problems more objectively. It also highlights deep seated patterns of behaviour that need to change. Come and share in some examples of how astrology can provide the key to unlocking psychological problems.

Oct 10th: QUIZ SHOWS & TALK SHOWS- Paul Newman
Paul looks at the astrological history of the television quiz show and game show from 'Truth and Consequences' and 'The Weakest Link' with many other key charts from the genre.

Peter, an author of 5 books about our spiritual heritage, dowsing and sacred sites; gives one of his inspiring illustrated presentations based on his new book, 13 Moons - Conversations with the Goddess, a novel in which a man is contacted by the Earth Spirit, at 13 sacred sites across Europe on 13 full moons, to receive vital lessons for Mankind - before it's too late! The true meanings of sacred geometry, sacred sites, Mary Magdalene, the Grail, ley lines and more will be covered, and how we can connect with the Land to ensure our survival. Much has been channelled as well as based on Peter's own experiences. The 13 Insights offer ways to live for a better world.

Bring some mince pies and other festive goodies, look back on the year and prepare for the next.

Meetings, Contact Details & Venue


held on the SECOND WEDNESDAY of the month from 7.30 to 9.30pm.

A charge of £5.00 is made for the meetings unless otherwise stated.

Programme subject to changes. Please check if you want to attend a particular meeting.

CONTACT DETAILS Enquiries to Gloria: Telephone: 01202 670396, E-mail: tba

VENUE The Venue for meetings is Poole Christian Spiritualist Church
(18 Kingland Road, Poole, Dorset BH15 1TP).

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WAC 'inception' chart

The Wessex Astrology Circle 'date of birth' - 15th August 2001, time: 7.30 pm, Poole, Dorset. Click on image below to see it full size.