Astrology Classes

Astrology classes are given by professional astrologer and teacher Paul Newman. If you want more details about the classes Paul can be contacted on 01202 695068 or Email:

Please note that there will be a charge per evening for attending these classes.

The Latest Newsletter (2008)


What is my future? This seems to have been the main theme at the WAC during the past year.

The room was packed in January, when Paul Newman presented his annual and extremely popular “Transits for the Year” evening, by giving brief outlines of what the year ahead might hold and reading the acetate charts brought along by our members. Thanks to Paul, January always gets us off to a great start, and surprisingly so many manage to turn up early!

The subject of Chris Mitchell’s talk in February was ‘Geomancy, the Mediaeval Art of Fortune Telling’, which means "fortune telling from the Earth". Geomancy has been practised across the world for thousands of years and Chris demonstrated very clearly how it all works and even did some free fortune-telling for us afterwards!

March and April brought us down to earth with a talk by Judy Hall about Saturn and Soul Growth, explaining the karmic function and difficulties that Saturn can bring as well as the perennial wisdom of the soul. Then Phoebe Wyss spoke about her new book ‘Hercules’ Labours: the Evolutionary Path around the Zodiac’ and we all had an opportunity to see which of the Hercules’ myths are relevant to us, what they reveal about our pastlife karma and present-life challenges and how the relevant myths worked in our lives.

In June Garry Phillipson talked about Reevaluating Harmonics and showed us how we can get a lot of useful information from charts if we look at certain harmonics, or 'minor aspects', with a very interesting and mainly practical talk.

In July Andean Mesa Carrier, Lorraine Exley, spoke about ‘Taripay Pacha’ which translates as the 'Judgement Time' and means "The Age of Meeting Ourselves Again", and presented some idea of the mysteries ahead, giving us guidance on how to open ourselves to new ways of participating in this planetary energy to become more active citizens and learn the way of the Earthkeepers, the medicine men and women. This will also enable us to perceive a much higher level of energy and vibration and so to manifest new levels of awareness on earth.

Lorraine Exley

With Neptune transiting over the group’s chart ruler, Uranus, and opposing our Leo Sun, something of the unpredictable may well be on the horizon. The Lunar Eclipse on 16 August, affecting the group’s chart may well give some indication. Neptune, Lord of the Eclipse, suggests a ‘desolving’, an illusion, a mystery.

We are a unique group, held together by our members, very much as our chart suggests. With no committee, we all contribute in our own way. Muriel organises our programme, Allan prints them and runs our website. Gloria holds the keys and looks after our venue, whilst Paul runs beginner astrology classes from the same venue on different nights.

Gloria, Geoff and Margaret

Eileen runs our Library from her own home with most of the books being her own, but many have been kindly donated for our use. The library continues to grow and we now have a very extensive collection with books on every aspect of astrology. Always open to new ideas, we welcome different speakers on all topics of astrology and related subjects. The group continues to thrive in its original way, which is indicative of its North Node in Cancer conjunct Jupiter and the Moon.

The theme of Pat Hutton's talk in September is "Pluto in Capricorn", followed by further visits from Paul Newman and Judy Hall to round off the year. We look forward to welcoming some new speakers for 2009, and to a very interesting year ahead.

Compiled by Eileen and Bernadette (August 2008)